cbd herbal blend preroll variety pack

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BARBARI herbal blends are organically produced, food-grade herbs which are carefully sourced from quality farms and made in portland, oregon for safe smoking.

for the samplers at heart. each pack contains 5 spliffs for every mood/occasion:

AIRPLANE MODE SPLIFF (relax, restore, revive): hemp cbd, rose, lavender, sage, blue lotus, rasberry leaf

MUSE SPLIFF (uplift, invigorate, create): hemp cbd, jasmine, peppermint, sage, rasberry leaf

CAR SEX SPLIFF (giggle, exhilarate, chill): hemp cbd, lions tail, mullein, white sage, rasberry leaf

HEMP SMOKES (you know the drill, feel goood): suver haze hemp cbd

potency: 30mg (5%) cbd per spliff

cbd herbal blend preroll variety pack

cbd herbal blend preroll variety pack